Reporting a Professionalism Concern

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine is committed to maintaining a learning environment characterized by respect and professionalism. If you have either been the recipient of or witnessed unprofessional behavior from a faculty member, resident or other healthcare provider, then it should be reported.

We take reports seriously and work to protect confidentiality as possible given the nature of the event. SSOM is committed to a policy that supports the timely disclosure of these concerns and prohibits retaliation against any student who reports such concerns. If you have concerns regarding confidentiality in reporting, please contact Associate Dean, James Mendez at 708-216-8140 or by email at

Reporting Gender-based, Sexist/Sexual, and Ethnic-based Unprofessional Behavior

Reporting Online: If the behavior you witnessed or experienced involved unwanted sexual advances, offensive sexist, racist, ethnic, or gender based remarks then these need to be acted upon as soon as possible. These behaviors fall under Gender-Based Misconduct and Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act and can be reported using Ethics Reporting Hotline Web Site.

Reporting by phone: These reports can also be filed by telephone via the University's Ethicsline at (855) 603-6988.

Reporting Other Unprofessional Behavior

If the behavior you witnessed or experienced involved, for example, public embarrassment, harassment, humiliation or other behaviors contributing to an unsafe learning environment, they can be reported using the Professionalism Concern Reporting Form.

Other Channels for Reporting Unprofessional Behavior

The Office of Student Affairs is well positioned to receive reports of unprofessional behavior. Contact information for three deans is below. In addition, you can informally discuss your concerns with HSD Ministry, your course clerkship director, immediate faculty supervisor, Pastoral Care chaplains, or personal counseling services. You may seek confidential consultation through the Confidential Loyola Sexual Assault Advocates: Available during certain hours via the Advocacy Line at (773) 494-3810; visit for more information.
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