The Residency Interview

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Loyola University Chicago
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"Success is having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be"

~ George Sheehan


Getting Started - Before You Interviewgetting_started.jpg

Know where you are going, where to park, how long it will take to get to the interview from the parking lot.

What to wear

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Make the first minute count





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You only have one chance to make a first impression: make it positive and professional

 Types of Interviews

Try to find out what kind of interview you should expect

Open File - The most common type of interview


Closed File Interviews




Group Interview


Expect the unexpected

Stay focused

Be prepared to interact with anyone from the residency

Every interaction with anyone from the residency site is part of the interview

Make eye contact with everyone - be interested.

Try to stay focused on their questions and your own personal agenda.

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Top Ten Interview Tips  


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Interview Questions




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Commonly asked questions

Ranked among the most difficult to answer were vague, open-ended or very general questions.

 The Do's and Don'ts of an Interview

Watch this 10 minute video of SSOM grads giving examples of the right and wrong way to answer interview questions.

 Link to Video File 

work_life_balance_sign2.jpg Hyperlink to DragNDrop Activity 


Interview Questions

If you practice answering the following list of questions, you should be ready for many of the questions you will face. Practice with someone you trust (a mentor, advisor or attending physiciain). Rehearse using a tape recorder to avoid sounding like you are rambling.

  1. Why did you choose this specialty?
  2. Why are you interested in this program
  3. What are your goals?
  4. Tell me about yourself?
  5. What did you do before medicine? (to an older student)
  6. Why should we pick you?
  7. What are your strengths?
  8. What are your weaknesses?
  9. Are you interested in academic or clinical medicine?
  10. Do you want to do research?
  11. What was the most interesting case you have been involved in?
  12. Briefly tell me about a case that you handled during medical school.
  13. Do you plan to do a fellowship?
  14. What could you offer this program?
  15. How do you rank in your class?
  16. Do you see any problems managing a professional and a personal life?
  17. Are you prepared for the rigors of residency?
  18. Are you prepared to move to this area?



Inappropriate Interview Questions



 body language.jpgNon-Verbal Communication


Facial expression, gestures, eye contact, posture and even tone of voice can be considered non-verbal communication.


Evaluating your nonverbal commucation skills


 Hyperlink to Flash Card Activity 




Questions You Should Consider Asking Faculty


Questions You Should Consider Asking Residents

Ask the appropriate question to the right person





Follow up

 Immediately Afterwards





The Residency Interview "made ridiculously simply" 

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