Welcome to the Signal Transduction Research Institute at Loyola University Chicago

logoExtracellular and intracellular signaling facilitates communications between organs and cells, and regulates the molecular processes within cells and organelles that modulate biological outcomes. Thus, research in signal transduction improves our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying physiological and pathophysiological processes, often leading to the identification of targets for pharmacological and therapeutic interventions, and providing the base for a significant portion of biomedical research, in both basic and clinical science.

The Signal Transduction Research Institute was established to provide a horizontal integration among the other institutes and basic science departments at the Stritch School of Medicine to establish a broad-based, collaborative and inclusive network among faculty whose research involves studying signaling pathways. 

Membership is open to all faculty members who are exploring, or intend to investigate, signaling mechanisms pertinent to normal or pathological states in any area of biomedical research.  All interested clinical and basic science research intensive faculty should contact Dr. Tarun B. Patel for information regarding membership.


Tarun B. Patel, Ph.D.
Institute Director