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  • Ravi Nakrani

    MSMP Student

    The MSMP program at Loyola has given me many tools and resources to help prepare me for medical school, but, more importantly, I am taking away renewed enthusiasm about my goals and the new challenges ahead. The program creates an environment similar to their medical school by sharing faculty and curricula content with the medical school, and with the small class size we are better able to take advantage of these resources. This experience has been tremendously valuable and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a professional career in medicine.


  • Solomon Tong

    MSMP Student

    When I decided to pursue a career in medicine, I needed a transition from my background in business and economics. The MSMP program has been more than I could have asked for. The curriculum has supplemented my undergraduate studies with both challenging and valuable classes. In addition, this program has done an excellent job replicating the culture and environment of medical school. Most importantly, the caring faculty has been very interested in helping me get to the next step in my career.


  • Miysha Shaw

    Miysha Shaw

    MSMP Student

    The MSMP program at Loyola University Chicago has been an excellent experience for me. Being a nontraditional student, I was worried whether I would have difficulty succeeding in advanced-level courses. However, the small class size paired with dedicated and supportive professors ensure that I get a thorough and intense education. The professors present clinically relevant information in each lecture and are driven to ensure students understand the content with full confidence.

    Additionally, the Loyola faculty members have made themselves available to discuss my personal goals, and have given me resources and guidance to help me reach them. I am very appreciative of the challenges and the unequivocal support of MSP faculty and Loyola University Chicago. I feel very secure that the program is preparing me for a successful career upon graduation.


  • Omar Faruque

    MSMP Student

    I really like the MSMP program because the professors and administrators are very supportive. I've learned a lot and am getting a solid foundation for medical school. The small class size is a big plus. Everyone in the program gets along and we work together to succeed in our courses. We've also established a tradition of holding monthly "family dinners" where everyone prepares a dish from a chosen culture and shares it with the others. This is a great time to relax and bond with fellow classmates. I hope future MSMP students will continue on with this tradition.


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