Expectations of Medical Students

In patient Unit Admissions and On-Call Assessments 
 Consult Service
Expectations for Feedback to Students

In Patient Unit Admissions and On-Call Assessments
  1. History and Physicals-

H & P’s are done on all admissions.  

  1. Progress Notes: SOAP notes

Progress notes need to be done daily on each patient unless instructed otherwise by your service. The 1st progress note after the admission should be especially rich with information as all the initial labs are completed in the work-up to rule out medical sources of psychiatric illness.  

  1. Pre-rounds
  2. Interviews - 

  3. Presentations of patients to service -  

  4. Mental Status Exam
  5. Participation in work rounds
  6. Discharge Planning

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Consult Service

New patients

Ongoing patients

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Expectations for Feedback to Students

Students should expect regular feedback from their attendings and residents on the work the students do.  This includes feedback on:

Feedback, ideally, should be often, but brief-perhaps 1-2 minutes a day or every other day. Feedback should include identifying what the student has done correctly or especially well as well as constructive criticism and instruction on things the student needs to work on to improve.

Attendings are requested to give their students some mid rotation feedback at the three-week mark of the clerkship.  Ideally, if feedback is happening on an ongoing basis, mid rotation feedback may be brief.  At three weeks a review of the patient log (yellow card) with the attending is essential.

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