Welcome to Family Medicine

The Loyola Department of Family Medicine welcomes you to the Family Medicine Clerkship. The faculty and staff hope you have an educationally valuable as well as enjoyable experience!

Since July 1995, the Family Medicine Clerkship has been required for all third-year Loyola students. Planning for the clerkship began when the Dean formed the Department of Family Medicine in response to students' requests for a department and more formalized Family Medicine education. In addition, the LEEP project highlighted the need for more ambulatory and primary care education throughout the four years of medical school. In designing and developing this clerkship, we have gotten input from a number of Loyola students and educators, as well as from family physicians practicing and teaching locally and nationally. Your input will be important if we are to continue to improve the clerkship. We hope the clerkship meets your needs and provides you with an introduction to the specialty of Family Medicine.

We have designed the manual to assist you in getting the most out of your experience. It includes a description of all requirements for the clerkship, as well as information that will help to introduce you to Family Medicine. The manual outlines the specific competencies that we hope you will be able to accomplish. Your main responsibilities should be to:

  1. Learn about common ambulatory problems encountered by family physicians.
  2. Understand the primary care physician's role in patient care.
  3. Implement a biopsychosocial model in caring for patients.
  4. Implement health promotion and disease prevention in caring for patients.

Since Family Medicine is largely an ambulatory-based specialty, the clerkship focuses primarily on ambulatory experiences. However, family physicians do maintain continuity of patient care from the office to the hospital and therefore your experience may include some time spent in the hospital making rounds on the practice's patients, taking call, or assisting with a delivery. During your rotation, you will quickly realize that primary care medicine is different from the hospital world.

We have selected a variety of Family Medicine sites and physicians to participate in your educational experience. We have tried to match you with locations that meet your preferences as best possible. Although we expect your experiences to vary based on your setting, all locations should provide a quality experience.

Finally, we cannot emphasize strongly enough how important your safety and concerns are to us. If you are experiencing any problems during the clerkship, please alert us immediately.