Office of Financial Aid


A Stritch education is a significant financial investment with immeasurable dividends. More than 85 percent of our student body receives financial assistance, usually a combination of loans and scholarships. As long as you maintain a good credit rating, there are plenty of resources available to cover your educational costs. The Financial Aid Office will do everything we can to assist you in financing your medical education. If after reading the information provided on this web site, you still have questions regarding the application or any of the Financial Aid procedures, please contact us:

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
2160 S. First Avenue, Room 210, Building 120
Maywood, IL 60153
phone: (708) 216-3227
fax: (708) 216-0480

Tammy Patterson, MBA, MPA, Interim Associate Director
Lynn Wawrzyniak, MBA, Analyst/Counselor