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Cytopathology Fellowship
Program Director: Eva M. Wojcik, MD

Program Description
The ACGME approved Cytopathology fellowship is a one-year program designed to provide eligibility for the American Board of Pathology specialized examination in Cytology. This fellowship is available to qualified, anatomic pathology, or anatomic/clinical pathology board-eligible pathologists.

The program is designed to prepare the trainee to direct a university-based or private practice cytology laboratory.

The fellow is expected to become proficient, not only in clinical and laboratory evaluations of patients, but also in the evaluation of pathologic materials. Additional expectations include proficiency in the use of instruments and equipment required for diagnostic laboratory studies and in the management of a cytology laboratory.

In developing necessary skills, the fellow will have teaching responsibilities which involve the education of medical students, pathology and medical residents, and technologists. This educational service is invaluable to a state-of-the-art cytology laboratory.

The fellow will be responsible for:

  • Daily sign-out of clinical workload
  • Cytopathologist acquisition and interpretation of fine needle aspiration biopsies
  • Participation in cytology quality assurance program
  • Development of technical skills:
    • clinical specimen preparation and routine staining
    • special histochemical stains
    • immunocytochemistry
  • Participation in intra-/interdepartmental conferences
  • Participation in local, regional, and national cytology societies and meetings
  • Histologic and cytologic correlation

Research Opportunities
Research Opportunities include the application of liquid based technology to the diagnosis of cervical lesions, HPV-testing on ASCUS smears, the role of image analysis in the study of urine and breast fine needle aspiration cytology, the application of flow cytometry and cytogenetic techniques to the study of body cavity fluids and solid tumors, and new diagnostic modalities via telepathology. The fellows are expected to complete at least one research project.