Mission Statement

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM) is committed to scholarship and the education of medical professionals and biomedical scientists. Our school, including its faculty, trainees and staff are called to go beyond facts, experimentation, and treatment of disease to prepare people to lead extraordinary lives and treat the human spirit in an environment that encourages innovation, embraces diversity, respects life, and values human dignity.


Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.
  • President and CEO
  • Loyola University Chicago
Steve Bergfeld
  • Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
Linda Brubaker, MD, MS
  • Dean and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Interim Provost, HSD
Richard Kennedy, PhD
  • Vice Provost
  • Research and Graduate Programs
Gregory Gruener, MD, MBA
  • Senior Associate Dean
  • Medical Education
Ron Price
  • Associate Vice President
  • Informatics and Systems Development
Sunny Nakae, MS, PhD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Admissions and Recruitment
James G. Mendez, PhD
  • Associate Dean
  • Student Affairs
Ruben Mestril, PhD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Basic Science Research and Postdoctoral Affairs
Lee Cera, DVM, PhD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Comparative Medicine
Shawn Vogen, PhD
  • Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean
  • Advancement and Alumni Relations
  • Health Sciences Division
Neil Clipston, PhD
  • Associate Dean
  • Biomedical and Translational Science
Keith Muccino, SJ, MD
  • Associate Dean
  • Educational Affairs
Beth Sonntag, MAdEd
  • Assistant Dean
  • Student Affairs
Darlene F. Saporu, PhD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Diversity
Pauline Villapando
  • Interim Director
  • Medical School Ministry
Mary Van Houten, MBA
  • Director
  • Registration and Records
Jamie Caldwell, BA, MBA
  • Director
  • Research Services
Amy Blair, MD
  • Director
  • Center for Service and Global Health
Joshua Hopps, PhD
  • Director
  • Academic Center for Excellence
Carmelita Gee, MEd
  • Associate Director
  • Financial Aid
Scott Graziano, MD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Educational Affairs
Aaron Michelfelder, MD
  • Assistant Dean
  • Educational Affairs
J. Paul O’Keefe, MD
  • Chair
  • Department of Medicine
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